Monday, 30 December 2013

New Year's Eve eve


Isn't that what life is about?

No one wants to NOT have fun. Nobody goes around looking for a "bad time" or a black cloud. (If you do, my unprofessional advice is to get some h.e.l.p.)

I've had soooo much freaking fun this Christmas. 

We are so lucky to all be together and be healthy and happy. We are lucky to have time together. Lucky to be with family. Lucky to have amazingly soft blankets to wrap ourselves in when we get cold. 

Who's cold? 

Yup, that would be me. Always cold. Always wearing layers. Don't get me wrong, I adore looking like the Michelin man. I've seen the way Brad looks at me when I'm resembling a marshmallow. 

I've been having some wonky goings on as of late. It started Christmas Day. I was freezing. Felt like my body was stuck inside a Popsicle. Horrible part was that I couldn't even taste a Popsicle.

I had on fleece bedsheets. Fleece pjs. Crazy warm housecoat. Lying next to my tall dark and handsome who gives off heat like, well like a furnace, cause I can't think of anything more clever at this hour. 

Did I mention it's late and I'm the only one up?

I was shaking badly. Brad brought me Tylenol, which I dumped down my throat. Next morning I felt weird, but it went away. 

This nasty fever has held on though. But intermittently. It is very confused, in my opinion. 

It's pretty chummy with me at night and some mornings. Throughout the day I'm good. 

Not sure what's going on, but may have to investigate. I mean, I feel fine right now. So I'm assuming it's nothing to get all nuts over, but what's that saying that the elders drill into your head?

Riiiiht: better safe than sorry. 

I don't want to be sorry. 

I mean, that wouldn't be fun. And fun is what the Holidays are all about, right?

Did I mention how much fun I'm having? Tomorrow, if our faces don't freeze the exact moment we exit the house, we are going for a sleigh ride. 

If our faces do freeze, they will likely break off, we will pick them up, thaw them in the microwave and go bowling. 

OMG - fun!

Happy New Year! 
Thank you donor; you've given me this New Year. 

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  1. Hope you are feeling better and stay warm! :-) Happy New Year!