Wednesday, 19 June 2013

6 months

My time in Toronto flew by.

I went through the usual barrage of tests. I was poked, prodded, scanned, etc.
Probably the biggest shocker of the week was when I stepped on the scale. The last time I was weighed I was 117 lbs, so imagine my surprise when up came a...

1, 2, 3.  

123 lbs. That's nuts. I haven't weighed this much since high school. Does that make me 18 again?

Health wise the chunkers are looking sexy. My lung function blew out at 96%, which is exactly what it was last time. Yet, I'm determined to reach 100%. I was tested again this week, so I spent the weekend storing up lots of hot air. Sadly, I only reached 94% - I guess my lungs were sleepy, lazy, on sabbatical.

My chunkers turned 6 months old while in Toronto. I didn't realize it was their birthday until late at night. I'm a bad host. However, I celebrated with transplant friends and cheesies.

Have I mentioned how much I love cheesies?

I'm currently dealing with a few post-transplant issues. Number one being my energy level. I walk around with my eyes half shut all the time, I've tried tooth picks...that hurts. I feel as though sometimes I'm walking around in a fog and I just can't break through. It may have something to do with the truck full of medication I'm on.

So I wait for answers.

I wait for energy.


  1. Hello jessica,

    My brother had the same problems he would wake and feel alert in the morning but come afternoon he said he felt like his head was in the clouds.