Saturday, 23 February 2013

Seems I've been busy

What a week. It's been fun, emotional and exhausting.

Tuesday, Kristy and Derek arrived. Kristy is currently inactive on the transplant list as her health miraculously stabilized (which is such a good thing), so she moved back to Montreal in early January. It had been over a month since I saw her (aside from Skype) so it was super cool to see them again.

Thankfully, around 2pm on Tuesday I started feeling human again and was able to avoid sticking my head in the garbage can for the rest of the day. We actually ended up going out to dinner with Kristy, Derek and Shilpa. I managed to suck back a few fries and 1/3 of my burger before handing it over to Brad. My stomach was still acting like a fired up diva, so I had to tread carefully.

Wednesday brought a day long hospital visit. Alarm blared it's ugly face at 6:30 and I popped out of bed. Brad dragged the G-man out to the park - or was it the other way around?

First stop of the day was to visit the crank-faced ladies at the blood lab. Seriously, why are they the grumpy ones? They are NOT the ones getting pricked. I just don't get it. Next up, radiation. It's ridiculously quick, I think people understand that I have things to do, so they wait to show up for x-ray after I'm finished. That's got to be it, right?

Clinic wasn't supposed to be until 3:30, which would have sucked since games night was at 5:30 (we would have been glamorously late) so we checked in with clinic to see if there were any cancellations. Bingo baby! They moved me to 2pm. Since we were close we checked in with physio and again I was able to switch appointments. So I showed off my skillz a bit early in the day.

Then we headed up to see Carman; he was sitting in his chair looking all studly. Mark and his wife, Diane, also had a date at the hospital, so the Squat Squad was finally reunited.

However, this visit wouldn't be complete without a shot of these:

Here is where the magic happens
Love my boys. Happy to be together with everyone breathing easy and no hissing oxygen tubes flung all over the place. It's about time Carman came over to the other side. I can't wait until he's out of lockup and the three of us can get down to business - you know, lifting 150 lb weights and running 40k. Stuff like that.

Eventually I had to leave the fun and go to the rest of my appointments. PFT's, aka panting in a box. Wish I had better news. Stupid chunkers are being a tad lazy. My lung function has dropped over the last two weeks. Not what I wanted, but ups and downs are expected.

The docs, Brad and I talked everything over and they decided to move my 3 month bronchoscopy to next week. We need to make sure there's no further rejection or infection hiding out in there. If it is, I'm warning it now: things could get ugly. I'm a pretty good fighter; I've been known to execute a pretty effective roundhouse.

Wednesday night was games night in Transplantland. It was a smaller group than usual. Carman decided that himself, his IVs and his chest tubes would stay at the hospital. Others had prior engagements and some have already left Toronto with new chunkers.

It was a fun night. I think I only stopped laughing long enough to shove food down my throat.

Thursday night we went to the Toronto Maple Leafs game!!! My first NHL game. It was so cool.

I have to send out a HUGE thank you to a certain someone. We had such a blast; it was such a great experience. 

More of the fun:

I guess a great time is sometimes followed by a bad time?

I woke up yesterday feeling craptastic. Tuesday all over again. I spent the majority of the day between the couch, bed and filling up my hot water bottle.

Thankfully I have awesome friends who took the G-man to the park for me. Hilda, Craig, John - love you guys.

I'm going to spend the day relaxing and hoping the sickness has left the building. Bonnie comes back today to babysit me for a few weeks. Although, this time will be a bit different. I'm sure she'll miss the hum of the oxygen concentrator and the 50 feet of tubing splayed all over the condo.

And let's not forget the granny shuffle.

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  1. I've never seen a better looking set of athletic feet in my life! Wahoo Squat Squad!

    So glad to know you're feeling better AND that Bonnie is here to read the riot act and keep you in line! The HJ&C team are outstanding - thank you folks, you're the best!

    I do feel the need to mention that I observed there is something missing in this blog post. Where is the bravado, the boasting, the beating on the chest exclamations about your Dominoes dominance at games night?

    Oh yes...Retta Rocked it and kicked your butt - bwa ha ha ha ha!
    Don't cry Squeegie, there's always next time...