Sunday, 30 December 2012

7th Heaven?

7th floor 

I felt like a freaking fantastical mega superstar when I was told "You're moving down to the 7th floor!"

7th floor!

WOW!!!! That meant I was recovering mucho smoothly and that I practically had one foot out the door!! Ya...calm down there sally, you have a ways to go.

First thing I felt when I landed on 7: A crap tonne of delight and disbelief.

I scored a private room.

It was a complete fluke. I did not order one, it just happened to work out that way. Think about the crazy horror stories I would have been able to bombard on all of you though. Shoot...missed opportunity.

Second thing I did once I got my butt settled into my room was start capturing the sweet stuff. Here are 2 examples:

1. Sexiness brought to you from TGH and Transplantland. These bad boys are compression tights, which all transplant patients must wear (and which are put on before surgery). The point is to help prevent blood clots, however I believe they are to attract dates. I got a few winks...course I was delusional most of the time. What you don't see in this picture are the pumps that also go around the tights (picture Michelin man) that are constantly "massaging" you.

Hawt, no?
2. See that 100% down there???? Nope, not a mark on a test...but the most important % of all time! My oxygen function on room air. 

These suckers really know what they're doing. I'm in love. Completely head over heels in love.'s cool to be in love with yourself, right?

ET-like creature

Once I had an official room, and one that was mine to keep for awhile, Christmas threw up all over the place.

I couldn't believe it. What a haul. Guys, I continue to be overfreakingwhelmed by all of it. All I did was wait for a transplant, I don't understand why you all think I'm so strong (except, you did see my muscles and that says a lot), I get by with a lotta help from my friends. It's all of you who are incredible and brave. You all stood by me and supported me, instead of slowly slipping away into the background, so as not to deal with the "scary stuff".

You are all crazy important to me. All of your prayers, thoughts, calls, letters, packages, Starbucks cards, well wishes, comments, visits and memories are what got me through and kept me positive, happy and feeling like I could conquer anything in my way.

As I was too busy doing something else this year, I wasn't able to send Christmas cards. So here's mine:

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, windbag supporters!!!

And our gift to you all:

One big fat kiss right to the face

If you are awake tomorrow between 9:10-9:45 EST, you can check me out on my hometown radio. Here's the link where you can stream it:

I need sleep in order to function properly tomorrow on air. Can't wait.

More adventures on 7 to come...


  1. You are absolutely beautiful, Squeeg!!!

    And you ARE strong - but I think I know how you feel about the strength in others - I've always felt the same way... We have CF. Struggle is part of the game, it's part of our life - it's woven into our fabric - and too often we can see the end of our fabric - death is looming out there (in keeping with the "fabric" theme...) But that's our life and it's all we've dealt with - it's what we know.

    The people who surround us, who love us - they're watching us struggle, and too often watching us die - and they feel there is nothing they can do to help us... Nothing they can do to stop this... Yet they have the strength to stay with us - to hold our hands and not let us go through this alone. And that IS incredible strength.

    I've felt the way you feel about the friends and family who surround me - that they're in a more difficult position... I'm only dying - but you're watching me die while feeling there is nothing you can do about it. They don't seem to realize they ARE doing something about it - they're here with me, and making me feel loved.

    You and I caught a break. Some amazing person and family threw us a line - gave us breath we'd never known, or hadn't known in a long, long time. And now those people who'd had the strength to hang with us can rejoice with us (and worry about other things, that hopefully will not be as crisis-driven!)...

    I'm looking forward to your adventures with B-Rad and the boyz. I'm looking forward to the quiet parts of your life without the struggle and with less fear. I'm looking forward to the days when you don't have a blog posting for 3-4 days and I'm not worried that something is wrong. Rather, I'm imagining you out and about and having fun and breathing freely...

    You take care, Jess. You have a freaking AWESOME 2013!!! I'm so glad this happened...

    Love, Steve

    1. Hey Steve,
      A tear and a big fat squeezie hug buddy!
      May God Bless you and your family with a wonderful and healthy 2013

  2. p.s. Isn't that FREAKING AWESOME?!?!? To see your O2 sats hanging around 100% on room air?!?! I'd sit and stare at that in my room until my eyes started welling up and I couldn't see it any more... xoxo

  3. Hi,Jess&Brad Nanny and I sat with aur ears to the radio today sooo verry good to hear your voice , you sounded great . Nanny had tears but they were tears of joy. I went up really early in the morning to make sure she heard you . She asked why i had the radio on , I said you,ll see and when she heard you, THATS JESSICA in that screechey little voice we all know and love . Great job Jess & Hank FM . 7th floor next stop condo i guess . Keep up the good work & take your time my dear . Nanny sends her love as for me Love Always and Forever , Aunt Heather xo xo

  4. Next stop! ....HOME!

    they put those socks are on last time... i found it odd how there's a hole for the big toe to stick out!!?? WHY WHY!! so uncomfortable. i had to knot it up.

  5. Happy New Year Jessica! So glad to hear that you are doing well, and getting stronger each day. Keep up the hard work. You will be home before you know it! All the best, Tracie Eisener

  6. Happy Happy Happy with all the moving about. The lino is getting worn out on 7 from Jess doing circles around the unit! Love the Christmas card with Brad and the fine looking men in your life hanging over your shoulder in the window!
    Big Hugs Chicklet