Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Squirming Hearts

Last night we had company. I know what you're thinking, but no it wasn't Bruce; Mr. Willis had a prior engagement and asked for a rain check. Honestly, my patience is wearing thin with the guy.

Joanna and her boyfriend came over so I could show them my amazing card skills. Joanna works for Cystic Fibrosis Canada (CFC) and she's awesome. Those of you who stalk my blog may remember an earlier post about her.

Blog stalkers: I heart you.

We both talk a lot, love blueberry tea and are passionate about CF. We were pretty much destined to hang out and cause trouble.

Check out the presents Joanna brought me!!

A hoodie that's actually longer than my torso :O

We played hearts, which was a new game for both Joanna and I. It took awhile for the objective of the game to penetrate my skull and be absorbed by the mass I like to call my brain, but finally the light bulb went off.

Basically, I spent the entire time trying to figure out how to strategize, as well as building conspiracy theories in my head. You have to guess what cards the others have and try hard to avoid getting nailed with the big bad queen of spades.

I spent a lot of time swinging my eyeballs back and forth, trying to figure out what the other goof balls were doing and whether or not they would be damaging to my game.

In the end I decided to let Heather win as it was her last Monday in Toronto.

Chivalrous, I know.

It was a late night and I was tempted to forgo the big bad bag of feeds, but I quickly realized that I wasn't getting fatter by simply picturing mountains of cinnamon buns and buckets of milkshakes. I loaded up and passed out - sadly not from a night of consuming delicious caesars (a drink that, according to Wikipedia, is virtually unknown outside of Canada).

Today was another CF clinic. I feel like I'm there all the time. They likely just want to hang out with me and tweet about it.

The morning went well. I switched up my breakfast a bit, but adjusted my insulin intake accordingly. Well....apparently I messed up. We were downstairs yacking with the concierge when I felt it - low blood sugar.
Picture this squirming

Heather booked it upstairs, grabbed some oreos, threw some OJ in a paper cup and made it back down faster than the G-man chasing a squirrel. She says all she could think about was me lying on the floor squirming. (I wish I had her demonstration of this on video.)

I ingested that and we poured ourselves into a cab to try and get to St. Mike's on time. My appointment was 1:30.

We got home just after 7.

Clinic was 5.5 hours.

Imagine my excitement at the prospect of going back to St. Mike's on Friday to meet with GI doc. I won't go into details, as they aren't fun, but suffice it to say...things aren't exactly normal. There are things we need to check on. Answers that need to be found.

Best part of the day was tonight, and it involved Skype and a certain red head.

Also important to note, I painted my fingernails blue and they look beautiful.

That, and only THREE months 'till Christmas!!!


  1. You had me intrigued with what a caesar is! And sounds like I would love them as it's a Canadian Bloody Mary for all intents and purposes.

    This may be an odd question: Are you able to drink cocktails or is it discouraged because of your CF? I was thinking with the various meds, it probably isn't wise. I know just with my chronic pain from my car accident and the medications I'm on to control it, I'm told not to drink, even though I love my wine!

    1. The CF docs obviously don't want us drinking a lot, especially no drinking on antibiotics. But while on the transplant list the most you can have in your system is 1 drink; 1 is all they can flush out to do the surgery.

  2. You just couldn't wait until next week for your CF clinic. Well, I may just go hang around there for a while without you.

  3. Ha, I was so awful at Hearts! But I will practice and one day beat Heather (highly unlikely!). I can't believe I complained about my hour wait at the doctor's office when you had a 5.5 hour clinic visit. Your stick figure image is priceless - I needed a morning laugh, so thanks for that! And, one more thing we have in common now ... Caesars! So delish! You will have to make me one of yours sometime. Now I'm off to St. Mike's to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Adult Clinic there. We will post some pics up on our Facebook page later today. Hugs.

    1. Ooooo we have to have a caesar! I don't really make them, my friend does...next time she comes to visit you'll have to come over and she can make us both one :)