Friday, 7 September 2012

Just another day in the ER

It's official...these lungs want out.

Like a sick animal, they want to run off somewhere and die in peace. 

What's better than spending half the day in the ER???

I can't think of anything...

Wednesday night it was insanely humid. Heather and I took the G-man to the park, and by the time he had left his mark all over the place, I was a mess. Coughing (remember I'm the champ) and matching each step with a period of rest to lecture my lungs.

Honestly, I'm the boss of my body. Why won't they listen? Time out perhaps?

The humidity shot into my body and wrapped itself around my lungs and then squeezed as tight as it could...just to let me know it was more powerful than I am(I guess it isn't aware of my 3lb weight lifting).

The walk back was hard; each foot lift intensified my lack of O2. A very slow process; more of a granny shuffle. Once inside the condo I collapsed on the couch and sucked back my aerosols and felt mucho better.

Yesterday morning I woke and knew immediately that things weren't normal. I felt crusty. My lungs felt crusty. My breathing was crusty. I was tired, but not the kind of tired where you necessarily need more sleep, but an overall worn out kind of tired.

I staggered out to the couch and once again sucked back my aerosols. And once again I felt better.

It was a physio day. We eventually made it to the subway. Upon exiting the subway I resumed the granny shuffle. I wasn't really bad until I had made it through the hospital. There is a slight ramp to walk up to get to the physio room and after that I was in full blown Darth Vader mode.

I made it through my stretches and hauled myself onto the treadmill.

2 minutes. That's some kind of record. I will be famous for sure now, right?

I started at 1.7 (my usual speed), couldn't keep up without being flung off and into the stationary bikes at my back (although that would've been sweet as Carman was on one of them), dialed back to 1.5 and within seconds had to sit and remember how to breathe, when the physiotherapist called off the rest of my workout. However, she let me do some weights as I assured her I could handle it - me being a superstar and all.

You've all seen my guns. Incredible, I know.

The physiotherapist had a respirologist come examine me, during which he drilled a needle into my artery...that's right! Another magnificent ABG (arterial blood gas)! He was really sweet, as I asked for freezing, and he hunted some down. So really it didn't hurt that much, just felt a lot of pressure.

Doctor Drill concluded that I should be admitted, given what happened in July (I went downhill faster than anyone ever in alpine skiing). He sent me to the ER at St. Michael's Hospital - which is the hospital where the CF team is and where I spent my last admittance.

5 hours later we got to walk (wheel) out the door. Yay!!!! My white blood cell count is high, indicating infection, so with the promise of agreeing to be admitted today if I'm worse, I was released with 2 puffers and 2 antibiotics.

I'll give you an idea of how starving I was while waiting for the doc last night:

I ingested this...pretty sure that wasn't "chicken"
Thanks Heather for being right by my side and taking care of me ever since (she's given me strict orders to relax and be waited on)!

You can clearly see that I did my hair up all nice for the ER


  1. Hope for speedy recovery! And hey - the food at St. Michael's is not that bad actually. It was rated the best hospital food out of Ontario believe it or not! LOL

    1. UGH! I'd hate to try the other hospital's food! Yuck, but that's what take out is for :)
      Luckily, I've averted admission.

  2. Replies
    1. Back at you! Hope you feel better real soon!

  3. I would really like for you to get a new set of lungs NOW.

  4. Hey Jess! Just checking in. I have been reading your blog for a few days now. I started reading on Thursday afternoon and read it start to end in a couple of hours. You are an excellent blogger - very lighthearted and witty - not shocking given your personality :). Yeah for being put on the transplant list. Boo for having to wait and infections. I will continue to follow you on here. I can't wait to here that Cletus has gone off. Thanks for taking the time to share your story. I hope you are feeling better today and having a relaxing Saturday.

    1. Hey Angela! I can handle the infections because I know that new lungs are just around the corner. Thanks for reading :) Hope you're well!

  5. Sending hugs & prayers your way, Jess! You're the strongest gal I know ;)

    1. Thanks Sharon! Have a great day with your boys :)

  6. Okay Miss High & Might Do What I Say & Not What I Do,
    You came very close to being full on grounded this time!

    B-rad - I delivered a TBH after Friday Physio just to make sure JLC was following orders and hadn't connived Heather into some crazy going to the park scheme...I'm glad to report she was nestled up nicely on the couch with the afghan that your Gramma made her all tucked in around her curvaceous legs. Heather is taking no guff whatsoever (I think her Mildred is showing).

    Mother Nature kept her indoors this morning, by pouring down rain since late last night, so things are going in the right direction at this point. I've assured Heather that we have a section of rope that will work to keep Jess appropriately confined should she find the need, so don't you worry. :o)

    Jess - eyes on you Gurl and don't you forget it!

    1. Thanks Pamela! Loved and appreciated the tall hazelnut blonde!

  7. Love you BFF and make sure that you continue to rest and that you are getting lots of tall hazelnut blondes. I remember it is just down the street from you. Let Heather wait on you, cause i know that you just HATE that. Love you and cant wait to see you in 10 sleeps. xoxo