Monday, 10 September 2012

Celebrity Hunting & The Chronicle Herald

Thursday, September 6th: Opening night of the Toronto International Film Festival

Where was I?

Can you believe that while I was spending my evening in the ER, Bruce Freaking Willis was in town??? His movie premiered Thursday night. Obviously someone dropped the ball. My people, his people...I'm really not sure. I was supposed to be hanging out with him and my other celeb peeps. I just don't get it???

I'm feeling much better after a couple days of rest, so yesterday we decided to go hunting, no guns (except for my arms of course) - just eyeballs and cameras.

***Apparently, there is an actor (Saw movies, Wrong Turn, Queer as Folk) that lives in this building and he had a party Saturday night with some stars on the guest list. Really miffed that my invitation got lost.***

We drove around Yorkville, gawking at the beautiful houses and stores, and when the girls couldn't take listening to me spew random nothings out of my mouth (plus this being in the confines of a vehicle) any longer, we parked and went hunting.

Here's the first celebrity sighting:

Oh my bad...that was just me admiring her outfit
Absolute must have while perusing the mobs of people, seeking out celebrities for me to tackle and get photos with, was a tall hazelnut blonde.

After grabbing our fuel we spotted these suckers...

...and spent several days debating how high they were. Then, to make things more interesting, I begged Pamela to try them on:

I would have TKO'd myself in these
Shoe store buddy told us he only carries 1 pair in each size, therefore we were terrified to ask the price. I'd have to rent out my O2 concentrator for years, plus sell a kidney, to pay for those.

More of the day:
Bruce Willis is behind Heather...he just had to take a call
We actually had Will Smith take this shot
There were celebrities eating with us...they were just the bill??

And in other exciting news...

I received a call from a Chronicle Herald reporter yesterday. She saw my Bridgewater Bulletin article, liked my blog and wanted to talk to me. Pretty sure her ear is still burning cause I tend to talk a lot. Or as Brad says, "more than the average 3 year old."

But I'm just so stimulating, right??

Today my story is in the paper. You can read it here. I'm super excited about this as it's another leap forward in raising awareness and helping you all become that much cooler by reading (?) me.

This hasn't been the super best day of my health. Physio was pretty tough today; felt like the treadmill was launching a hard core attack. Scaled down to 1.2 from my norm 1.7. Had to fling myself into a seat halfway through to catch my breath and rest before forcing myself back on the monstrosity.

I used Carman for entertainment...watched him do some interesting squats and then tugged on his O2 tubing saying, "here puppy, come puppy".

Then I laughed so hard I coughed up a lung...but who needs that crusty thing?

I have spent the rest of the day resting and trying to ignore the sickness that seems to be taking control of my body. Lots of mind-blowing staring off into space and incomprehension of my surroundings.

Come on antibiotics! Do yo thang!


  1. LOVED the article, Jess!!!

    You remind me of a girl version of me - though it does appear that I'm slowly being rebuilt into a girl myself so, soon enough, I might just be able to say you remind me of me... I hope your journey reminds me of mine - and I hope your life becomes as amazing (though, I know that, like mine was back then, yours is pretty amazing now - but it would be way cooler without the fear and struggle and bullshit...)

    The article was just a reminder of your awesomeness - so is the picture topping the article!!!

    You take care. I hope I get to meet you and Brad someday!

    Love, Steve

    1. Thanks Steve. Being slowly rebuilt into a girl is cool. Not many can say that, so therefore you are cool.
      My life is already amazing; can't wait for it to be amazing times 10!

      P.S. Brad and I will come to Chicago and hit up a Bear's game with you.