Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Appointments everywhere

CF clinic yesterday. Seems like I'm always there.

Pretty sure they just like to hang out with me; probably heard about my amazing physio skills.

5.5 hours from start to finish.

I warned Heather to bring a book cause it's never a quick process (as I've mentioned before). Think my hair grew a couple of inches while there.

Good news is that I feel better and I was able to convey that to the CF team. My lung function is stable and....drum rollllllllllll......

I gained 2 lbs!!!

It's my aunt's cooking; she's trying to plump me up.

More blood work and other tests were done and I, once again, avoided admittance, providing I promised to let them know if I became worse. I will continue on with the oral antibiotics and puffers, and hope they smother the infection to DEATH.

Just to be clear, here's what I would do if they were adamant about me being locked up:

Except I'm a girl and have nicer shoes

My sympathy goes out to my CF friend Amy, as she was admitted today.

I continue to laze around, being waited on by my super awesome aunt. But it's okay - we've already decided that I will visit her in her nursing home some day and return the favor.

Today I had an appointment with Wheel-Trans. They are a service for the physically disabled. What's beautiful is they will pick you up at your door and drop you off anywhere you want in the city.

I've been fighting it for months. Blame it on the stubborn streak....thanks Nanny. Guess I wanted to be a big girl and ride the normal transit system. Except that's sucking more and more each time and possibly giving me germy presents. Apparently my O2 tank is invisible, as people are doing the following less and less: offering their seat, holding the door open & other decent human being stuff.

Wheel-Trans guy was super cool, which made the whole experience much better. It's not easy realizing that you're less and less able to do things on your own.

But then I remember how cool I am and the world becomes bright again.

I received the nicest card & letter from a girl I used to go to school with. She wrote that my blog made her laugh and cry, well....she made ME cry. She's such a sweet girl AND even gave me an OMG!! Starbucks card!!!!

We will absolutely have a tall blonde together; Starbucks on me when I return to NS.

The support I'm receiving never fails to stun and amaze me. Hugs and happy lungs to everyone!


  1. So glad you are some better and escaped lockup. As for you deal with Heather, take advantage now because I figure she will be a cranky old woman in the nursing home. I love her cooking and miss dropping in to talk. The information you have been sharing about CF is really eye opening. Cletus is soon going to scream soon, I just feel it! Love to you both, Linda D

    1. Haha, if she's a cranky old woman I'll just wheel her into a corner and make her stay there for awhile to think about what's she's done.

      Love you too :)

  2. So glad you have someone there to cook you good ol down home food! 2 pounds is freaking amazing!!! So glad you have been able to avoid the ICU, I'm guessing it once again has something to do with your super human strength and abilities (with a dash of I don't beeping think so!) that keeps your butt out! I love you very much and can't wait to see you! xoxo

    Lil Sis

  3. Congratulations on the 2 pounds!!! That's so very important... When they were insisting that I pack some weight on, immediately after I was listed, they warned me that if I lost a few pounds I would be "on hold", that they could not proceed, and I needed some pounds for "insurance" in the event I had an infection or problem that caused me to shed pounds... The GI doc also explained that, for every pound or two that I gained, I would likely trim a week off of my recovery. I was 5'6" and 110 pounds when I was listed -- within a year, I put on around 18 pounds -- my strength improved too, and I think I was just healthier (the excercise certainly helped as well...) And, holy crap Jess, I was out of the hospital 6 days after my surgery! I walked a mile (round trip) for a Starbuck's less than 10 days after my surgery... My princess and I walked 2.5 miles in 85 degree heat and humidity only 3 weeks after my surgery (and I carried a shopping bag all the way home!)(a light one...) Congrats on the weight -- I'm proud of you.

    I'm also happy about the Wheel-Trans thing... It's hard sometimes, maybe because it makes us feel more like a cripple (not that that's a bad thing...) when we take advantage of something like Wheel-Trans. But hey -- at the moment we really are! People and organizations do good things for others who are struggling with conditions -- and sometimes we have to let them -- sometimes we need to take advantage of things being offered to us... I have to say that I was stubborn too -- still am -- you will be forever too -- I never wanted to give up the "normal" way of doing things... I didn't want my princess carrying heavy packages, that was my job... I didn't want to take the handicap spot, I wasn't handicapped!!! (Who the hell did I think I was fooling, besides myself...) Society offers things to try to make our lives a little easier. Sometimes. And often, they're worthwhile accepting...

    You take care... You're in my thoughts... Love, Steve

    1. I'm 5'6" and 109 lbs...with more of Heather's cooking, soon 155!

      6 days is freaking crazy! What are you super human too???!!!?!

  4. Awesome news on the 2lbs, must give some credit to the tall blondes too!
    Steven is absolutely right, expend your energy on the things that really matter (like beating my butt at UNO Spin) and let the wheel trans, wheel chairs, rollators, O2 tanks and automatic door openers do the job they are meant for...conserving your energy for important things (like eating and beating my butt at UNO Spin).
    2 lbs...well done

    1. I will kick butt at UNO spin any day of the week.