Wednesday, 5 September 2012

3 months, another surprise and a HUGE step for awareness

Cletus...he's the silent type.
3 months.

I've been listed for 3 whole months.


Seriously? Already? And what's even harder to fathom is the fact that I haven't tripped over my O2 tubing and accidently strangled myself yet.


What a great freaking day, guys. Where do I even start?

I knew I was getting another surprise. Brad told me before he left that something was coming for me. He loves watching my eyes bust out of my head and me dancing around all ecstatic (and then trying to breathe). I try to guess, but in reality I don't want to know.

I love surprises!!!

Brad texted me and asked if I had checked the mail yet. I got all excited, started giggling and dancing around, so Heather went down for it. She came back up with an envelope and a pink slip.

Wait...I got fired?

Fired from physio?? Oooooookay!!!! Jealous Carman? Mark?

The pink slip gets stuck on your mailbox indicating that there is a parcel for pick up at the concierge's desk. Well, I lost it. I couldn't even handle myself! This time, there was no way I was letting Heather go down by herself. I grabbed Squeaker and we flew out the door.

The parcel:
Looks fantastical, right?
I'm standing there with a stupid grin on my face when the concierge brings it out. I burst out "Ooooooooooo wow! I wonder what's inside???"

My eyes find the label. I read "Metro Dispensary"'s my refill of meds from NS. All I can do is laugh. I got so crazy for...drugs!

We race back upstairs and my greedy little hands (well actually I have piano hands) grab the envelope.

And here is my real surprise:

It's hard to see on here; the back reads "Jess - I wish you all the best. Thank you for being so brave & positive. All my love, Ingrid."

Holy shazzzzaaaa! Post card from Ingrid Michaelson!!! Who just happens to be one of my favorite singers!!! That song, "Keep Breathing", I posted a link to a few blogs back? That was her.

She has such a soothing and stunning voice and is so freakishly talented.

Since we're such good friends now, we should probably go on tour together.

Thanks to my tall, dark and handsome once again! Thanks Ingrid!!! Sooooo cool!

Could this day could get any better?


There is an awesome reporter back home that's been following and printing my story since 2008. His wife has CF and is equally as awesome....they participate in the CF fundraiser Great Strides every year and raise big $$$$.

Today a new article came out. View it here.

If for some reason the above link doesn't open, here's the address:


The more people that check out my blog, the more awareness there will be for CF and organ donation!!!

Please share this, share with your family, friends, enemies, coworkers, classmates, dog, bus driver, taxi guy and that other guy that lives inside your head....or is it just me that has one of those?

Let's go big! Let's do this! Help me! Raise awareness with me!


  1. I loved the article!!!! And you are like me with packages lol. I get so excited I have a coughing fit lol

    1. Whenever I get excited I am loud about it. Brad and I were sitting at transplant clinic waiting for the doc last week. We were playing a speed tile tournament on our iphones. I got an incredibly huge score and shouted "YES" with my hand up in the air.


  2. Everyone needs to sign up to be an organ donor if at all possible. You can even specify if there are organs you can't I have specified that they may not want my crappy lungs or pancreas : ) It's easy, people! Everyone at home is proud of the awareness you are raising, Jess...think of all of the people that may never have considered donating if it weren't for you and what you are doing right now.

    1. Thanks Laura...I think you'd be a great one to join me in my advocating once I'm home!

  3. I agree with Laura B. Jess you have been a change for the better in alot of peoples lives about organ donatation. I think alot of people may think harder about this now and be more willing to sign that donor card. I have been a donor since I was 16. Long time, since I am only 6 months older then you. LOL. That Brad, I can't believe what he has done for you. The surprises keep on coming. I wonder what will be next. The article was awesome in the Bwater Bulletin. I miss you everyday and pray that your great humor and sarcasm get to come home soon. Miss having our coffee dates and playing cards on a Saturday night. Please Cletus go off SOON. BRING JESS HOME!

    1. 6 months is still older!!!! I miss you so much Red!! I can't wait to come home and cream you in cards again!

  4. I am a retired Rn in New York. I don't remember how I came across your blog but I check it every day. I have my driver's license marked for organ donation and my family is aware of it. I have a cousin whose son has had 2 kidney transplants (the first one failed) so I can relate to the frustrating wait. I admire your ability to have such a great sense of humor and am praying for you to not have to wait too much longer so you can be home with your family.

    1. Thank you New York - the place that is on the top of my list to visit post-transplant! Glad you are reading and happy to hear you are signed up to donate. Hope your cousin's son is doing well!

  5. I can't believe it's been 3 months! I miss you!! Brad has you so so spoiled, not that you don't deserve it but maybe Brad could share some of his sweetness with me too? I mean we have the same last name, our first names both start with "J" and I'm just as cool as you are. (Leave that one alone Jess!) Did I mention how much I miss you?
    Love you Big Sis,
    Lil Sis ♥