Friday, 3 August 2012

Butts To The Wall

Who heard me squealing today? One guess as to why.....


And the sweetest part is that there was no occasion. It was simply to say "Hi" and "We're thinking of you". Thanks Rissers, it really made my day...and by the way, you have really nice writing!

Physio today was pretty fun. I gained a squat buddy; yup nothing like being embarrassed with a partner! Our new motto:

Butts to the wall! 

The best part was seeing two fellow transplant wait-ees - post-transplant! They look so full of life; there is a shine in their eyes and health splashed all over their faces.

I love hearing their stories and seeing the happiness on their faces. I can't wait until I can share stories of hallucinations and body staples with all of you. Your job will be to grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the read. Personally, I'm just excited to get back into one of those hawt hospital gowns. 

I was kicked out of physio again today as another cystic was waiting to pump iron. It's just not a good feeling. I need to get over it, I know. It just sucks as it makes you feel kinda ostracized.

I know any cystics reading will understand what I'm saying. However, this being said, it is extremely important that we don't share bugs and make each other sick, so I'll roll with the punches.

On the way back home we stopped at the store, actually I waited outside to preserve energy. While waiting I had a stimulating conversation with a 1.5 year old boy. We mostly discussed "da" and "ga" and practiced waving and giggling.

Also, while waiting, I came across these if anyone needs a new car:

I'm so proud of myself. I didn't collapse into bed after physio. I even had the energy to go to the park with Brad and Griffin. What I did for the rest of the day may have involved sitting down, doing absolutely zilch...

...but that's not really important, as even superheros need their rest.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Hi Jessica, It seems that your cold is getting better yeah! We had a nice get together at our cottage yesterday, Mom, Gloria & Byron, Heather & Wayne, Pam, Mckenzie and Camdyn. You was part of the conversation, all of us happy that we get to be with you via your blog everyday. Mom, Heather, Mckenzie, 12 & Camdyn 9, had a rip roaring game of auction 45. I could picture Mom sitting playing cards with you and Jason when you was that age. Have a great weekend, Love Linda D.

    1. Oh that sounds like so much fun! I need to learn how to play 45`s as there are card players here! Yup, good times. Heather better be prepared to play ;)
      I have wonderful memories of Nanny playing cards and when losing slamming them on the table and yelling J$%/& C$%*%?
      I take after her you know...

  2. You Rocked at physio Princess! I'm going to have to check your form though...I think you must have engaged the super powers to get thru the program as quickly as you did. Looking forward to our picnic!

  3. Hey Jessica

    Well Kendra's big day is over, just getting ready to go and clean up the mess. Can't wait to see the pics that Chad took. It was nice to see your mom,dad, Jamie and her boyfriend there. It was a really, really hot day but all turned out okay, Amanda's girls were the flower girls and my son Colin was the ring bearer, way to cute. Well glad to see you are feeling better and it sounds like you have a great guy in your corner. Take care and always thinking about you.

    1. Heard the day was wonderful and Kendra looked gorgeous. Hated to miss it :(
      Thanks for thinking of me!

  4. Hey Butts to the Wall!!!

    I’m so freaking proud of you! This is so important. And having a partner to be humiliated with is a good thing – we’re all in this together, and when you’re next to another person and failing as miserably as them, life just seems more OK.

    And I know what you mean about seeing someone you were waiting with breathing with new lungs! It’s another little nudge that “this works!!!” And to see them strutting around, without O2, with much more strength and energy – it’s an amazing thing. Part of the reason I continue to attend our support group, 12 years after my beautiful, new lungs, is so that people see that this works. I can’t even count the number of people who come up to me post transplant, and tell me that they were unsure about really pursuing this, until they saw me and listened to me. That makes me feel ten feet tall – and useful! You’re on the waitee side now. I can’t wait until you’re the one with the shine in your eyes and health splashed. And yes, I will grab some popcorn.

    And keep up with the physio!!! I waited an unusually long time at the time I waited. $hit just didn’t happen. But what was amazing was that, in the beginning, I was regularly using a wheelchair to go a block, or head to support group – but for the last 6-12 months before transplant, suddenly I was walking everywhere – my strength had increased because of my slow and steady physio… It works. It will be the reason you get through this strongly.

    And I’m so sorry about Brad’s friend, and your friend, Liam… And it’s always hard to understand why some of the most wonderful people in our lives don’t seem to get a second chance. It doesn’t get any less difficult. I’ve had such a freaking amazing existence… Second chance??? I’ve had a dozen extra chances… And when I hear about someone like Liam, or someone as precious as you struggling – even if I were to lose it, I wish I could give some of the extra time in my future to you. You do need to live for them – because that’s your way of showing them that you understand the value that they placed on life while they were here…

    Love, Steve

    1. Once again Steve, I wish I could hug you!