Tuesday, 28 August 2012

It's raining lungs...

Sunday night Pamela asked me if we wanted a ride to physio. I said no, but thank you (I don't like to bother her & Carman) as we were just going to take the subway (sorry dad! - he hates that I take the "germy, diseased-ridden subway").

Woke up Monday and it was raining lungs, or is it cats and dogs?

Let's go with lungs...

So we leaped over the balcony, tackled some fellow scavengers to the ground, procured a fresh pair and sought shelter to perform the operation. All of a sudden, out of the shadows, a large cartel of 250+ pound men appeared. It was obvious by their uniforms that they were black market thugs.

They glared menacingly and demanded we hand over the chunky lungage in our hands. 

I summoned my inner ninja, evoked my superhero powers, and leaped onto the nearest building, shooting lasers out of my eyes and into the group. I then lunged into the fray and started handing out some sweet uppercuts.

Meanwhile Brad was hiding in the above mentioned shadows...


I ended up texting Pamela saying "So uh, how bout that rain?" To which she didn't catch on, so I followed with "Remember yesterday when you asked us if we wanted a drive?"

Thank you guys for dragging our butts around and everything else you do. Get ready for a sobbing Jess when Brad leaves.

I had to cut physio a bit short (darn, I missed the treadmill) as I had a dermatologist appointment at the transplant clinic. The skin doc reiterated the importance of sunscreen now, and more importantly, post transplant.

Post transplant there are risks. Of course. It would be a perfect world without them, and we all know this will never be that. An elevated risk of skin cancer is one of them, due to the immunosuppressive medications we are required to take to keep our immune system from launching a full force attack on our new pipes.

I'm already one of those people who nags those who frequent tanning beds and/or lay out for hours under the hot, bright, burning sun.

Again, I will reiterate:

Nova Scotia has the highest rates of skin cancer in Canada. 

I may have to think about buying stocks of sunscreen, as it will become part of my entourage.

BTW, if you frequent tanning beds and or have an intimate relationship with the sun, you miiiiiight want to wonder if that's a smart decision.

Last night we had Craig (Hugh Jackman scissor guy), Chad, and their furry boys William and Henry, over for card night. These guys are a lot of fun...I was very much looking forward to giving them a whooping, but at the last minute felt bad and let Chad win.

Very cool game


Heather, I know you love cards so you'll be a perfect fit. Get ready for many card nights full of threats & insults. Bring your game face!

Today was physio again. I breezed (cough, cough) my way through that and then dropped in to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. 5 years later it was ready and just as we were ready to go, Carman and Pamela walked in to carry us home.

It was a great day in Carmanland & I'm so happy to have been a part of it.

After they dropped us off we grabbed the G-man and hit the park. As soon as we crossed the raging traffic and stepped foot in the greenery we realized something was going on. There were an unusual amount of people, a cop car, cameras and lights - a shooting!! Nope, not a felony; a t.v. show!

We've decided the wait for lungs has gone on long enough, grabbed this girl who was strolling by (she looked about my size) and conducted the transplant right in the park.

Here's a before-the-operation-but-after-the-first-cut photo:

Weird she's still standing...and quite alert.

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  1. Hey Chicklet, glad to drag you around anytime! Thanks for sharing in our street meat celebration today - so glad to have you there.

    I'm thinking you'll have to go back to blonde to match your favourite Tall Blonde Hazelnut and your stunt double in the park pic...you're where it's at Baby!