Thursday, 30 August 2012

Expert advice & another win

I dished out some advice today that I clearly don't take myself.

One of my physio buddies (technically my squat buddy) is not feeling so hot. He's had an infection and been on antibiotics for over a week, but is still not feeling back to his baseline. He's struggling with every breath.
My gift to you, squat buddy

I wanted to give him some of my air, but then realized I don't even have enough for myself.

I gave him a big lecture on ignoring the symptoms and not getting his arse to the doctor. I told him to learn from my mistake last month...don't let it land you in the ICU. I was very stern. Please listen to me squat what I say and not what I do.

And if you don't listen to me, I will make your life miserable at physio..."He didn't do his squats! I didn't see him do them! He only did 5 leg lifts, etc...***evil laugh***."

After physio we hopped on the subway and then the streetcar. Thankfully, the streetcar wasn't full this time and we were able to sit. On the way to physio the car was full and not one single person offered me their seat. I guess they also thought it was a ghetto blaster that I was attached to.

Carman & Pamela arrived a bit later, we told lies, ate pizza, made fun of each other, ran a marathon, searched the street for lungs, and then....

Blue Jays Game!

At the Jays games, Rogers gets you to text photos that have a chance to be shown on the big screen. Smoke started rolling out of Brad's head and he hopped up saying he had an idea. A few minutes later he comes back with a piece of paper and snaps these to send in:

Can you believe they didn't put either on??? They're probably saving it for something bigger. Yup, some sort of merchandizing. Our faces splashed all over it. We'll be famous. It's gonna be great.

Speaking of great, how do you like this?

Brad will probably tell you this is my purse, however he's carrying it so obviously it's his
What's also important to note is: Blue Jays won. But of course....we were there.

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  1. Step right up and get your Rogers t-shirt, with the faces of Organ Transplant on the front!