Monday, 30 July 2012

Real Life Returns

I feel sooo bad. Brad and I went out with our friends Kayla and Jim on Saturday and I was absolutely the worst company in the history of people who are other people's company. I was still pretty out of it, but of course hate staying home doing nothing.

Thankfully Brad talked enough for the two of us so I could sit there in an (elegant, I'm sure) stupor.

We went to the distillery district, as that's one spot we hadn't checked out before. It was pretty cool; lots of interesting shops (but shops that sell jewelry and other stuff for more money than this girl can afford) and just a beautiful place overall.

There were a total of 4 wedding groups taking photos while we were there. Gorgeous dresses. We contemplated throwing ourselves into the pictures, but thought we'd outshine the bride with all of our fantasticness.

I believe a few of you will also enjoy the name of this coffee shop
We spent most of Sunday relaxing, but did hit the movie "Ted". There is an older theatre close by that eagerly swiped up our money. But we showed them - we bought a "combo", thereby saving about $2. Suckers.

Today I had my picc removed. Turns out it wasn't removed due to risk of infection. It was because the financing isn't in place from NS to do home health care. It's all good with me as my arm was starting to hurt. Weird, but true. I've never had a picc hurt before and I've had a quite a few of them. However, they've always gone in the first try. This one took 5 and I can prove it:
Really hawt colouring at this stage
They still hadn't figured out the billing for the vancomycin, so we were told to come back. As we wheeled toward the elevator a fellow wheelchair-ee smiled at me as though she knew me. Since this happens all the time, I didn't think twice and just gave her a huge one back.

I press the button and I hear her ask Brad, "Is she the girl from tv?"

For some reason she thought I was Hèlene Campbell. (I think people often forget that Hèlene is now post-transplant, therefore not requiring oxygen or a wheelchair.)

So I said yes, signed some autographs and will appear on all the major networks tomorrow night for an interview...with some woman named Oprah??

I went back to physio today. I had to do some crazy preparation of my inner self as I knew there would be a lot of green-eyes, otherwise known as envy.

Jealousy is ugly my friends.
I managed to do everything and not pass out or cause any massive disruptions. As you can see from the above photo I really should be in London.

I stumbled across the following celebrity snippets that I have to share:

and OMG!!!!

Zac Galifianakis TWEETED about Cystic Fibrosis 68 days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was his tweet:

Cystic fibrosis ends lives too soon:

It's a link to the US site, but CF affects us all...for some strange reason it doesn't care what country you live in, your skin colour, your religion (if any) nor if you have cool red sneakers.

I will, however, remind you to feel free to visit Canada's CF site @

& a really informative article on organ donation from Canadian Living:

Click on both and I will give you 5 minutes in my sneakers.


  1. Wow, Jess, Erik's comment referring to dealing with his daughter's CF (65 Roses, what a great moniker) is very powerful:
    "If you don’t get the right mental state as a couple and get yourselves together, it will break you and grind you into dog meat, sitting around waiting for the hammer to drop."Life is about choices and when illness tries to control your life those choices take on a much stronger (but taxing) weight. We can choose to be joyful or be weighed down by sorrow and you girl are Princess Joyful!
    So good to see you at physio yesterday with your kickin' red shoes and I'm sure Brad had a quiet afternoon and evening because you no doubt fell asleep in the chair on the way home after how hard you worked!
    Big hugs, xo

    1. If you ever get the chance, you and Carman need to watch 65 Red Roses. It's a documentary about a girl named Eva, with CF, who went through a double-lung transplant. I'd love to watch it together.

  2. I clicked on both - when you come to Chicago, I want 5 minutes in those epic sneakers...

    You keep using them in the meanwhile -- and get out... I know you might feel elegantly stuporous, but keeping an occasional social life is so important for your sanity, and for fending off depression. I don't know you that well -- but it's easy for me to tell your friends love you, and they'll support you through your elegantly stuporous phase because they'll be rewarded by what's coming...

    You take care, Jess... Love, Steve

    1. I'd LOVE to come to Chicago! Bulls game anyone??

  3. I'm running behind in the blog-reading, Jess but would be so wrong not to pipe up and call you a liar. I know, rude right? But seriously, even exhausted and one-day out of ICU, you are STILL some of the best company around. So I'm calling you out on that one. As always, totally lovely to see you and even when you think you are miserable company, you're wrong. :) xox

    1. Ah shucks Kayla. Thanks. Next time I will be my normal funtastic self, I promise :)