Sunday, 15 July 2012

I See You!

Her eyes are finally open and she is starting to look more like the Jess we all know.

On Friday, Heather (One of The BFF's) arrived from Calgary for a surprise. She was hiding in the hallway of the luxurious Jail (hospital) when Jessica strolled on by, in her 1972 hospital bed. Jess noticed her on the way by and did a triple take followed by a " What are you doing here?" You see, Jess is on heavy medication, so lately she has been getting confused easily. She tends to get confused without meds so with them, she is quite a mess.

Anyway, yesterday Jess looked great throughout the day and it seemed like she turned the corner towards better health. Unfortunately last night her breathing was very heavy and she couldn't seem to catch a breath on her own. They had to hook up the bipap (portable ventilator that forces air to the lungs) and privately mentioned to me that they may have to take her back to the ICU.... This was the last thing that we wanted...

The ICU didn't happen and she has been great so far today. She walked to the bathroom on her own (with help) and when she walks back from the 8 steps, she is not gasping for air.

She laughed today numerous times.. I can't tell you how nice and refreshing it was to hear her female Count Dracula laugh (he he he he he)

She has been reading her blog and facebook comments and she truly appreciates all of the love.

This is Jess now for a quick comment:

"I just want to a thank Brad for everything he has done for me. He is kind, beautiful, funny, smart, helpful, beautiful, kind, beautiful, thoughtful and smart."

She couldn't actually type that but I can tell that's what she was thinking. We connect like that...

Until next time I'll leave you with a post Jess was working on Thursday morning.

3 AM.

I wake to go to the bathroom, as when doing feeds it's about every 2 hours. I take off my O2 to walk the few steps to the bathroom. When I come back to bed I am sounding like Darth Vader. 

Can't breathe.

Horrible headache. I've never had a migraine...I really feel for those who suffer from them. It feels like there are 10 jackhammers gathered together at a convention inside my head.

I've been getting more and more of these. My O2 is 85% upon returning from the bathroom and after a few minutes only moves up to 88%. I, for the millionth time, pause my feeds and unstrap myself from Frederick the Feeder and go yell at my concentrator.

I turn my O2 up to 3 litres to get some reprieve and down a couple Advil.

4 AM.

Still awake. Rocking myself back and forth...I guess I'm still a baby on the inside. Rocking makes me feel better. I eventually lay back on my stack of pillows and fall asleep. There's no pain when your asleep.

Next time I'll ask someone to knock me out with a piledriver.

What have I done to make my lungs this mad? I keep feeling like this infection is going away, only to realize it's just messing with me. It keeps trying to drag me down. I guess I need to turn up my inner "B".


Last night Dad and I went to Carman and Pamela's for dinner. It was great, once again she picked us up and drove us back. Seriously appreciated. I felt crappy though as I had full intentions of picking up dessert to take and only thought of it again once we were downstairs waiting for her. Ugh.

It was hard to eat though. This problem with breathing and eating is seriously annoying. Why can't the two learn to coexist? Like people and fish (thanks George Bush).

I'm glad Dad got to meet them, along with all the park people. Now Mom and Dad know that we know some really good people here and we're in good hands. Plus Dad got to witness me being crowned...

Lindsay came last night! She showed up full of smiles and sarcasm. That's my Linds. 

Dad left today. It was sad for me; I don't know when I'll see him again.


Here's some shots from the hospital:


  1. Me thinks Brad finds himself beautiful ;)

    Glad to hear you are on the mend and looking forward to your blog posts again love!

  2. hi jess shay here i am glad you opened your eyes. i miss you so much

  3. Jessica i am so glad you are having some good days. everyone is asking about you at the park. sorry Craig and I defaulted on the planned visit set up by Brad. The weather was not cooperating and with the thunder and lightning we thought we will postpone it till tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you soon

  4. Hi Jessica and Brad, just wanted to say hi and that I am so glad you are improving Jessica, soon you will be home and eating all that healthy food Brad will insist on. Brad, thanks for doing the posts, not as good as Jessica's but will do until she can take over, lol. The Princess must get back to her duties, dollar store crowns, and folding thrones require that you must be there for your subjects. Take care, love you and I look forward to reading the posts everyday. Linda D.

  5. Holy Fuck, Batman!!! Jess -- I'm so sorry I kinda lost track of you... I was scrolling through my blog feed today and was wondering how Squeegee is -- saw your last post about your new blog, and found you here, and followed your adventure anew...

    Brad -- if this is you -- tell Jess someone 500 miles away is thinking about her, and cheering her on (and thanks for being there...)

    Jess -- hang in there... no one has to tell you this is the biggest battle any of us ever face... I hope you conquer this soon -- I hope you are offered beautiful, new lungs soon... I hope your journey to and through those lungs is as amazing as mine has been... I got my new kidney two months ago -- I've had my beautiful lungs for over 12 years, and the drugs and whatnot gradually trashed my kidneys. They were already a little compromised going into the situation -- this doesn't happen to all of us -- but sometimes when it does, it's amazing. My lung donor, Kari, was a beautiful 17-year-old girl from Iowa -- a star middle-hitter on her high school volleyball team. She wore #13. My new kidney came from #7. One of Kari's friends, neighbors and volleyball teammates -- and amazing girl, just like Kari...

    You've been through so much -- I'm always amazed at your strength... I'm proud of you... I hope this happens very soon for you. And I'm sorry I've sucked lately at keeping track of you. I hope I get to hug you some day... Hang in there... I can lend you my sister's prescription she sent me while I was waiting: Breathe in, Breathe out -- repeat. (She always was a little crazy...)

    Love, Steve

  6. Brad - I see and believe every word that jess wrote about you :o) and would like to up that with a helping of handsome, a spoonful of selfless and a bucket of Big Daddy! The boys are truly blessed to have been born to a Dad like you!...and Jess, well I don't believe she's lucky to have you because luck has nothing to do with the devotion you two have for one another. It's just plain unselfish giving of whatever is needed! Well done. We count ourselves lucky to be in the program with the two of you and are here on the sidelines cheering very loudly (hear that off-key, screeching?) for Jess to fight on and get her dancing feet back under her!
    Jess - my sweetest ever dessert was seeing you clear your plate at dinner (there was barely any meat on those rib bones when you passed them to Dad) and no folks they weren't Jess' ribs they were pork ribs! We all miss you in the Treadmill Room and are anxiously awaiting the appearance of your beautiful smile at the door. Go forth and kick infection butt Gurl! xoxo P&C

  7. Thank you for your comments Pamela, you are too kind. I Hope to see both of you very soon! Jess is kicking the infections butt and we will be back to physio sooner than later :)

    1. Best news I've had in the last 4 days!
      CU Soon!