Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Pager Danger

Today was a day off for us. No physio, no appointments. So I actually managed to sleep in until 8:30. Then I did my morning treatments. Then I had a bagel. Yes, a bagel! We bought a toaster yesterday. Yeeeeeah yeeeeeah.

Then I got ambitious and decided to have a shower so we could do some exploring....and instead fell asleep for an hour on the bed made of pillows (so so comfy). Eating is very tiring, don't you know?

So eventually Brad came in the room, banging pots and pans to wake me up.

I understand is very boring when I'm asleep.

However, before we even left the condo, I called my oxygen company. They delivered 5 cylinders on Sunday. I went through 3 by Tuesday night. That leaves me with 2 until delivery day. Delivery day is Tuesdays. I would be confined to these 4 walls for most of the weekend. Yuck.

Oxygen lady was great; since I'm new in town they are forgiving with orders and I'm getting more tomorrow! Every Tuesday I will get 10 cylinders full of wonderful oxygen.

Side note: It's funny to me that people go to "oxygen bars"...I get mine for free...and if you're nice you can take a hit. I kid, I kid. It's $20 for 2 minutes. Cash, thanks.

So off we went to do some exploring. The good news is that it was 25 degrees here today...the bad news is that it felt a hell of a lot hotter than that. So I didn't make it too far. The heat is pretty tough on me.

I'm sorry heat...I love's just that my lungs say things behind your back.

We found shade on a park bench, so I sat for a bit while Brad went to the store for milk. We drink a lot of milk. If anyone wants to send over a cow and then promptly milk the thing for me, that would be great.

Something cool I discovered today: Flashpoint's trailers are parked all along the street by the condo. Apparently the show's been cancelled but still has one more season. I'm hoping to see some action and maybe ask them if they need an oxygen-dependent freak as an extra.

On the way back we decide to check the mail. I have a package. It's at the concierge's desk.

My pager has arrived!!! His name is Cletus:

Cletus is my new best friend; the transplant team calls Cletus when there are lungs for me. When Cletus sings, I listen. Not only do I listen, I try to refrain from hyperventilating. Not only do I try to refrain from hyperventilating, I try to refrain from having a heart attack.

Now, I need to be aware of Pager Danger. 

The rules:

Always have it with you.
Always have it on.
Always have a working battery.
Don't lose it.

Oh Cletus, how I adore thee.


  1. Well here I try again, I thought I hit the shift key but it was alt and I deleted all my open pages Firetruck!

  2. You think Cletus and Cornelius would get along?