Thursday, 21 June 2012

Heat & Thunder

Another scorcher; according to The Weather Network, it felt like 40 degrees today. I had no idea that Toronto was actually Cancun. Soon going to run around everywhere in my bikini; why not, right?

Last night was my first night feeding in Toronto. It went well, no leaks, no problems. Well, I guess a problem would be the gazillion times I wake up to pee at night (the feeds are liquid). My bladder doesn't even care if I'm in the middle of a dream. Please! However, I will forgive...soon I will be HUGE!

If anyone wants to volunteer to be my feed bag cleaner on a daily basis that would be cool. I pay in sarcasm and the opportunity to learn how to cough like a champ. My first-thing-in-the-morning cough is one that would make any mother proud.

We're getting this subway thing down. Hopped on the right train, going the right way. We are just that good.

Freaky sighting of the day: Buddy standing on the corner of King and Church with a snake. Yup, just your normal Thursday. The new chick magnet?? Forget a baby or a puppy...get a snake!

Physio was actually pretty fun today. I met Hélène Campbell today. I'm sure you've heard of her; Beiber...Ellen DeGeneres. It was exciting to meet another post-transplant patient, especially one who's such an advocate for organ donation. She's a fun girl; hopefully Brad and I didn't overwhelm her with our sarcasm and crazy talk. I can tell you that I talked way more this time at physio than ever before. Even while on the treadmill. Buddy from Vital Aire wouldn't like that.

"You need to not talk while you're walking."

Unfortunately, my blood sugar dropped to 2.4 while on the bike.  Brad, like a hero, rushed to get my OJ. Next time I will test prior to physio and again after. I need to start recording every action I take: every morsel of food, every sip of fluid and every time I exert myself. Diabetes likes to mess with me, but someday soon I'll be laughing at it.

It got crazy here for a bit. Black clouds swept through. Storm slammed in. I was out on the balcony with the G-man when it seemed like somebody "turned the lights off", I look up and the clouds were real angry. Wind started blowing, bodies were thrown all around, up and down the street. I may be kidding about that, but the dust that was swirling and ended up in my eyeballs was not a joke.

Then...the thunder rolled and the lightning striked. Just ask Garth.

Off to watch the OKC/Miami game. Can the Miami Heat please lose tonight? If that happens, I will work extra hard in physio tomorrow.


  1. your writing reminds me a lot of Bree Cordick....did you know her? She had her transplant at TGH 3 years ago or so....she passed away last May though.

    1. I loved Bree's blog; although I never got the chance to talk to her. It's hard to believe she's gone and her blog just sits there in cyber space...feels like it's waiting for her.
      Her and I definitely have (had?) the same sense of humour; we would have torn up Toronto together!

  2. Bad Game last night!!! Not what I wanted to see! We will have to catch a game when we go up in the fall or whenever we get there! Preferably Lakers and Raptors ;) Hope to talk to you sometime this weekend! Taylor says HI and that she loves you! XOXO

    1. It was a disgusting game! Couldn't even watch the end. Definitely a Lakers/Raptors game; can't wait!
      Miss you guys, love you lots. We have to skype this weekend so I can see my T :)